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No Tie Shoelaces
Our Price: $3.00
No tie elastic shoelaces. Fits up to 8 eyelets. White, Taupe, Black A powerful 4X Over-the-Neck Ultra Loupe compact magnifier

Warm Skin® acts like an invisible blanket and keeps you cozy by holding in the body’s own natural warmth while also serving as a barrier to prevent water loss.

Warm Skin® moisturizes the skin to keep it comfortable, pliable and healthy even in the harshest environments.

Free Hand Magnifier
Our Price: $16.00
Palm Perfect..........excellent battery operated ladies razor. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand yet powerful enough to do an excellent job cutting leg, underarm or facial hair. The FH-25 FreeHand™ can be used as a Hand Held Magnifier or folded for convenient Hands Free use. Extremely simple universal remote control for any television. Only six buttons reduces confusion.
Talking Alarm Clock
Our Price: $25.00
Twiddle Cat
Our Price: $45.00
Talking alarm clock with soothing female voice. Universal remote control works with any TV, VCR,Cable or Satelite. Twiddle™Cats are a therapeutic hand product providing comfort, warmth and activity to promote increased flexibility and brain stimulation.
Timex Easy Reader Watches
Our Price: $59.00
The split second accurate atomic time. Full range female voice time and date announcement, with smooth and natural sound quality. Wireless infared headphones hook up to any TV. Large, easy to read, dependable Timex watches. Large black numbers on white background. Back lit for reading in poor light. Men's or Women's. Stretch gold bands.
Laser Star Projector
Our Price: $69.00
Ladies Potpouri Basket
Our Price: $69.00
Quality Norelco Triple head Cordless razor.

This new Philips Norelco shaver is equipped to conveniently deliver a superior shaving performance. It guarantees a close shave and after use, the shaver can be simply rinsed clean under the tap. The cordless version takes 8 hours to charge and gives 8 days of shaving time.
Excellent sensory item. A personal assortment for the ladies.